Janek Czerski MSc, Biography

Jan joined the Plastics Institute in 1968 and the Committee in the late 70s, becoming Chairman of MPG in 1993. He represented the Group on IOM3 Council until taking over the responsibility for the IOM3 Material Information Service (Polymers).

Still a member of the IOM3 Polymer Society, Jan is slowly reducing his work with the MPG Committee, in particular the organization of the MPG evening lecture programme. This will allow him to concentrate on business interests, and the increasingly popular language tuition, taking advantage of his fluent Polish and German.

Jan is a long standing member of the PCN "brethren", the Polymer Society and the Manchester Polymer Group. He has recently joined GENPLAST , a Polish Plastics Consultants Group similar to PCN.


"Born in Poland, brought up in Cheshire", Jan is fluent in Polish and English, as well as German.

Educated at Leeds and Aston Universities, Jan has spent over 40 years working in the UK Polymer Processing Industry. He has worked for Shell and BASF Plastics Divisions, principle interests being Polymer Development and relevant training.

Professional qualifications include MSc, CEng, CSci and CEnv, and Jan is a member of various institutions including BPF, IOM3 and the UK Institute of Polish Eng.